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At Tri-Cities Family Law we understand and appreciate that all legal issues involving family are difficult and emotionally trying for everyone involved.  It is our goal to help each client successfully navigate through the process by providing assistance and legal advice along the way. 

Ending a Relationship

There are two options available to couples who have decided not to continue living together as a married couple: filing for dissolution of the marriage or filing for legal separation.

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Child Support

Child support can be determined throughan administrative process set forth by the Department of Social and Health Servicesunder certain circumstances.

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Parenting Plans

The objective of a parenting plan is to providea plan for the child or children’s physical care from the entry of the order until the childreaches age 18.

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Spousal Maintenance or Alimony

Under some circumstances, the court canorder one spouse to pay money to helpsupport the other spouse.

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Restraining Orders or Protective Orders

If a party feels that a restraining order is necessary to protect him or herself, thereare different types of restraining orders available and each are based on the circumstancesof the parties.

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Mediation & Guardian Ad Litems

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement on their own to resolve their disputes, the court can order certain services geared toward assisting the parties in settling their matter or providing the court with more information.

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